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“I’m Evelyn. Evelyn Jo. How about you, handsome?”

A girl in her underwear introduced herself to the clean-cut four-eyed Zavier Coin, grabbing his hand and making him blush – and life, as he knew it, would never be the same.

Dark hair, black ensembles, badass tattoos, and sporting the perpetual smirk – Evelyn Jo is the ultimate bad girl. She does what she wants, whenever and wherever, and relishes defying authority. A real badass chick.

Zavier Coin, on the other hand, is the perfect good boy. He’s nice, loves his mom, gets really good grades, a teacher’s pet, and a member of the Mathletes club.

They are polar opposites and would probably have never met but for a wrecked car, a school fire, a vindictive authority figure, and a funny twist of fate which landed Evelyn in the Coin home.

But do opposites really attract? And will friendship and love really beat all odds when faced with psycho bad boys, clueless buzz kill adults, and other seemingly insurmountable odds?

Will the bad girl and the good boy get along, become good friends, and perhaps… become something more?

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About the Author

Born in Mexico in 1996, Karla’s dream has always been to become an author and direct her own books into movies. She prefers staying inside to create a better world and likes to pretend her characters are real people.

Music is her life, her obsessions are beanies and jolly ranchers, and she hopes to inspire people with her writing and make them happy.